Questions and Answers

1. Why choose organic health products?

We take health products mainly because we want to maintain our health but if health products contain pesticide content, it will not only do more harm than good but also long-term use of them will cause chronic damage to the body. Benefits of organic health products are that they come from crops with no pesticides and are purified, no colour or additives are added during their production, ensuring that the ingredients are natural. Despite the higher costs, it can truly bring the greatest benefits for the body. Nu Pharm’s believes in the concept of providing “Premium Healthcare”, our full line of organic health products are all recognized by the French government, quality is certainly guaranteed!

2. Why buy Nu Pharm’s organic health products?

  • Nu Pharm is a health product brand in the market that uses wild organic farms for its health products.
  • Nu Pharm is the core organisation of France’s nature conservation and environmental protection plan.
  • From 40 years ago Nu Pharm has already begun to realize the importance of protecting the ecological environment, earlier than the French government. Organic wild cultivation (legislated by the French government in 1980) were from scientists and agricultural experts having carefully designed a wild organic farming system, which has become the model for organic agriculture in France.
  • Nu Pharm’s health products use raw organic materials, all are issued the Agriculture Biologique (AB) security certificate by the French government’s Biological Department of Agriculture.
  • Nu Pharm’s health products through France’s quality GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical production guarantees quality and safety.

3. Why does Nu Pharm use phials (double-headed glass needle bottles)?

Nu Pharm’s unique phial packaging for its liquid health products has the safety accreditation certificate from the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry department. When purified into concentrated liquid, automated machines inject the concentrated liquid into the phials and then the bottles are sealed with fire at very high temperatures.

As phials are the kind of pure containers, they do not contain plastic, heavy metals and other impurities, the sealed phials can prevent oxidation, the benefit of these phials is that there is no need to add preservatives but products can still be kept of fresh quality.

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