Chewable Children Vegetal Calcium Tablets

Consolidate and promote the growth of teeth and bones. Colostrum calcium tablet contains a nice milk scent, it is sweet and delicious and small in shape so that it is convenient for children to chew, it is also healthy and welcomed by children.

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Chewable Children Vegetal Calcium TabletsBENEFITS & EFFECTS


    The new formula: adding vegetal calcium powder, which is easily digested and absorbed • Xylitol sweetness, does not cause tooth decay • Bear-shaped , delicious, help to improve appetite • The product’s manufacturing procedure is strictly supervised, guaranteed that it is produced with quality. It fully meets a child’s nutritional needs and is very suitable for children


    Effectively consolidates and promotes growth of teeth and bones • Strengthens the immune system • Replenishes children’s essential nutrients and promotes healthy growth


  • Vegetal Calcium Powder, Colostrum Milk Powder

Direction of Use

Children 3 years or above: Take twice daily, 1-3 tablet(s) each time.

Can be chewed or placed in the mouth to dissolve, take before or after meal with warm water, milk or fruit juice.

Children under 3: recommended to grind the tablet then add into warm water, milk or fruit juice.

People with special needs may adjust the amount of tablets and consume with a balanced diet, please ask our Health Consultants for more information.

More Information

Why should children take calcium tablets?

The critical period of physical and mental development is during the baby’s first few years of life, the rapid growth during early childhood requires a variety of nutrients to develop a good immune system in order to complete the growth stage. Whether it is physical or mental growth, calcium tablets can help children have a complete and healthy growth and development.

Calcium, immune factors and growth factors are the important nutrients that are required for children’s growth and development. Nu Pharm’s Children Colostrum Calcium Tablets is designed to take care of the growth of children from 1 to 8 years old, it is specially formulated so that the tablet is small but also have a nice scent of milk, it is easy to swallow and children can take it during or between meals as candy or after meal with warm water, juice or milk, it is especially beneficial to partial eating children.