Bio-HygiaFit Plus

Detoxifies first, and then slims waist. A new formula with probiotics added to it. A slimming product in France. Can be taken in three different ways to solve different problems.

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    Detoxifies, slims the waist, beautifies the skin. • Natural and comfortable detoxification, allows detoxification to be fun. • Promotes a healthy gut, prevents aging of the gut, steady slimming outcome. • Promotes basal metabolic rate, reduces the formation of fat.


    Removes belly, achieve a flat tummy. • Improves skin by preventing toxins from accumulating and forming dark rough surfaces. • Reduces swelling by clearing away extra water from body. • Weight loss and body slimming.

Main Ingredient

Pearlitol, Artichoke extract, Brewer’s yeast, Chinese rhubarb extract, Lactobacillus reuteri.


Recommended Directions of Use

For natural detoxification: Take 3-6 tablets daily
Result: From detoxification once every 3-5 days to once every day, helps beautify the skin.

For fast slimming effect: Take 4-8 tablets daily, twice daily, 3-4 tablets each time. Take once daily on the first day, take twice daily after results are seen.
Result: Increases the frequency of detoxification and amount of stool output, slim the tummy making it become flat.

For Keeping fit: Take 1-3 tablet(s) daily, can be taken after a big meal

Result: Maintains smooth daily detoxification, prevents fat and belly formation.

When taking this product, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to achieve better result.

Not suitable for children under 12 years old and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

People with special needs can adjust the dosage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.

More Information

Eliminate toxins, slim waist, beautify the skin

The life of people living in the city is generally very busy and fast paced leading to unhealthy eating habits, lack of water and fibre intake plus lack of exercise which can make the body prone to the accumulation of impacted stools. These impacted stools stay in the body over a long period of time and will release toxins causing fat of the abdomen to thicken leading to problems of a thick waist, big belly, lower body fatness, and water retention. The toxins would worsen the skin, making it look unhealthy and dull, and also causes bad breath and speeds up the process of ageing.

So, improving body shape, ageing process and skin problems should start from clearing wastes in the gut.

Nu Pharm’s new formula of Bio-Hygiafit Plus

Botanical detoxification essence+ beneficial bacteria: allow you to enjoy regular painless detoxification with effects similar to colon cleansing.

The quality of the detoxification products on the market varies and some of them cannot really attain the results of detoxification. Some of them cause stomach pains of various degrees. Some may seem to make you go to the toilet frequently but without actually achieving detoxification results. The new formula of Bio-Hygiafit Plus is a perfect combination of French biotechnology and the Western & Eastern herbal medicine. The detoxification and slimming effects are stronger than that of a single herbal formula. The most important thing is that besides eliminating a great amount of toxins, it can supplement the body with sufficient process safe and comfortable.