Reverse biological clock; keep women young from within. Extract of soya and Chinese yam replenishes women’ “youth elements”; reverses biological clock.

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    Replenishes nutrients essential to women • Keeps breasts firm and tight • Prevents and reduces discomfort and stress from aging • Strengthens bones, reduces calcium loss • Regulates cycles of period


    Reduces bloating • Sweetens relationships and marriages • Beautifies skin • Reduces anxiety • Improves sleep quality


Soya extract, Chinese yam extract.

Direction of Use

Pre-menopause: Take 2-3 capsules daily

During menopause: Take 3-6 capsules daily

Post-menopause: Take 3-4 capsules daily

People with special needs may adjust the amount of capsules and consume with balanced diet, please ask our Health Consultants for more information.

More Information

Soya extract – the fundamental of youth for women

Isoflavones is a phytoestrogen, and is the youth element. It has very similar structure to human estrogen which acts against skin ageing, sagging breasts and various menopause issues.

Isoflavones have multiple benefits, including strengthening bones, maintaining cardiovascular health and antioxidising.