PROSTIL Response Plus

PROSTIL Response Plus added lycopene, the latest research shows that lycopene can help “prostil” health, reduces the number of “night toilets”, improves cardiovascular health! Essential nutrients for men!

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    Sweden air freight to Hong Kong; Natural pollen extract health product
    Lycopene added;new enhanced version becomes more effective
    Replenishes men’s important nutritional needs during andropause


    • Helps "prostil " health
    • Reduces "toilet frequency"
    • Keeps unimpeded
    • Powerful antioxidant; nourishing kidney
    • Increases husband and wife harmony
    • Improves sleeping quality
    • Maintains healthy hair; reduces hair loss

Active Ingredients

  • Lycopene, Sweden Pollen extract

Recommended Direction of Use

Take twice daily; 2-3 tablets each time

People with special needs may adjust the amount and consume with a balanced diet, please ask one of our health consultants at Nu Pharm® for more information.

More Information

Men’s problems:

Men’s andropause includes regular trips to the toilet and poor quality of sleep. These changes cause many problems for men and make them feel inconvenient.

Hair loss in men is caused by overproduction of DHT as DHT likes to escape from the hair follicle onto the scalp causing hair to be lost easily.

PROSTIL Response Plus added lycopene, antioxidant ability of lycopene is 100 times that of vitamin E, lycopene cannot be synthesized by our body, and thus must be obtained from a dietary source. Lycopene inhibits unregulated growth of cell, reduces the effects of radiation exposure, lower the risk of malignant diseases, repairs damaged cells and enhance immune system.