Lipi Clear® Plus

Helps eliminate wastes in blood vessels and fights “3 Highs”.Replenish the body, Protects the heart, improves blood circulation, Improves cardiovascular health.

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    Organically cultivated in France, free from heavy metals and harmful substances • The organic maitake essence and organic Eryngii essence are extracted using advanced technology to ensure that polysaccharides activity remains • Produced by France GMP pharmaceutical production to ensure high quality • Bio ECOCERT certified • Does not contain purines • Imported from France to Hong Kong by air


    Helps manage “3 highs” • Helps regulate blood sugar levels • Improves cardiovascular health • Helps eliminate wastes in the blood vessels/arteries • Powerful antioxidant combination • Improves cellular health • Boosts the immune system • Resist virus invasion • Improves sleep quality

Main Ingredients

Pleurotus nebrodensis, Hericium erinaceus, Auricularia auricula-judae, Grifola frondosa.


Recommended Directions of Use

For general health and well-being:

Adult: Take 1-2 tablet(s), twice daily

Children (6+ years): Take 1-2 tablet(s) daily

Not suitable for children under 3 years old and people who are allergic to mushroom products.

People with special needs can adjust the dosage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.

Pleurotus nebrodensis belongs to the oyster mushroom family, which is famous for its fantastic nutritional value. Since ancient times, it has been recognized as a precious mushroom in Asia, South America, and Africa. It has the natural active compound called Lovastatin.

Hericium erinaceus is high in nutritional value, and a wonderful source of natural antioxidants.

Auricularia auricula-judae has been documented as a precious health food in ancient Chinese medicines books and journals. Its unique β-glucan and antioxidants are active ingredients.

Grifola frondose is a beneficial fungus that has been widely acknowledged in ancient Japan for both culinary and medical uses. It contains notable Grifolan polysaccharides and bioactive β-glucan.