Bilberry Extract

Natural, precious, high quality; luxury of eye protection. Bilberry Extract does not contain any added sugar or preservatives, is produced using cooling refined method. Thus, effectiveness is guaranteed.

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Bilberry ExtractBENEFITS & EFFECTS


    100% blueberry extract, high content of anthocyanins • Unique double-ended needle bottle packaging to prevent oxidation • Brightens eyes and clarifies images • Strengthens antioxidant capacity • Relieves eye discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses, promotes tear secretion • Relieves fatigue, reduces redness, and restores bright eyes • Helps eyes get used to darkness, improves night vision


    Moisturizes the eyes, relieves eyes’ dryness and tiredness • Protects eyes capillaries and reduces redness • Reduces dark circles and eye bags • Promotes the synthesis of rhodopsin in the retina • Quickly adjusts the eyes to the dark and improve night vision • Strengthens antioxidant capacity, delay vision loss • Reduces side effects after vision correction (unclear driving at night and dry eyes) • Suitable for long term usage for children, adolescents and elderlies

卡士蘭 歐洲野生矮腳藍莓採摘及產品生產過程

Recommended Directions of Use

Adult: Take 1-3 phial(s), twice daily

Elderly: Take 2 phials, 2-3 times daily

Children: Take 1 phial daily


People with special needs can adjust the dosage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.


More Information

Bilberries from Europe is the excellent supplement for eyes

Bilberries have been a traditional supplement in Europe; therefore French health experts have been studying its benefits and they found out its extract is the good explanation for its effects.

The main effects of bilberry extract are on rhodopsin on the retina. Rhodopsin is a purple pigment that senses the light going into the eye and transmits nerve signals to the brain to create the image. To have a clear image, rhodopsin undergoes a cycle of decomposition and regeneration repeatedly. When eyes are fatigued or aging, the balance of the cycle is disrupted, and thus the vision would become blurred.

Bilberry extract promotes the regeneration of rhodopsin, so Nu Pharm’s Bilberry Extract is definitely an excellent choice for eye replenishment.

You may have found that the colour and taste for each phial of Bilberry Extract is not exactly the same and some might even contain precipitate. That is because the product is natural and this does not affect its quality.

Bilberry extract is really precious but fortunately Nu Pharm has developed the high tech phial packaging, which does not require preservatives to keep its content fresh. It is transported from France to Hong Kong via flight after sealed, therefore it is worthy!