The advanced patented capsule enclosed the probiotics, which is resistant to gastric acid, thus the probiotics can be safely reached intestines to exert its maximum effects.

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    Developed in Sweden,Imported from Italy by air

    Acid-resistant capsule, preserving beneficial bacteria activity

    Aluminum foil independent packaging, easy to carry

Appropriate for:

    Irregular bowel movement
    Intestinal discomfort
    People having meals at staggered hours
    After a heavy meal
    During repeated or unbalanced diet leading to a disturbed transit
    When sleep is disturbed due to bad digestion
    To be associated with antibiotic treatments
    Bad breath
    Lack of exercise, wish to lose belly
    Frequent travels

Direction of Use

Adult and pregnant women: 1-2 capsule(s) per day

After heavy meal: Take 1 capsule

Children: 1 capsule per day only

Please take with cold water and before meals.

People with special needs may adjust the amount and consume with a balanced diet, please ask one of our health consultants at Nu Pharm® for more information.

More Information

The human gut contains a variety of bacteria, and they are probiotics and harmful bacteria.

A healthy gut has around a billion of probiotics, probiotics are living microorganisms. When consume adequate amounts of it is benefit to humans, includes promotes a normal function of digestive system and balances intestinal flora.

However, people who live in the city generally have an unhealthy dietary habit, lack of exercise, life pressure, and also increasing age and side-effects of medicines etc. These factors made probiotics in the gut reduce gradually.

In fact, we have a lot of health problems that related to imbalance intestinal flora, therefore we have to maintain the balance of our gut and keep it healthy, in order to strengthen our immune system and prevent various diseases. Finally, it is important to beware of gut health no matter which age you are.