Liver Clear

Liver protection and skin beautifying. Two types of antioxidants, 100 units of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and 11mg glutathione (GSH). Healthy liver synthesizes essential phospholipids (EPL). Contains the 8 essential amino acids. Natural, no colourings added, organic.

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Liver Replenishment

    Strengthens liver, promotes normal detoxification and health of hepatocytes • Reduces accumulation of visceral fat • Reduces damages to liver from drinking, partying, all-nighters and smoking • Lessens side effects of alcohol consumption, such as hangover • Reduces heat • Relieves stress; Reduces hair loss; Antiaging • Improves sleep quality • Strengthens antioxidant capacity

Whitening and Lightening of Freckles

    Whitens skin, lightens pigmentations • Lightens freckles caused by sunlight • Lightens chloasma • Reduces yellow dye on face and palm and darkening of lips • Fights free radicals with its antioxidants • Gives your skin luster and elasticity, energizes skin and slows down its aging • Reduces skin problems at puberty

卡士蘭 肝美健 研製過程

Main Ingredients

Pollen extract (Superoxide dismutase, SOD), Yeast extract (Glutathione, GSH) and Aloe vera extract (Aloe vera polysaccharides).


Recommended Directions of Use

General health and well-being:

Adult: Take 3 tablets, twice daily (Morning and Evening)

Children (3+ years): Take 1 tablet, twice daily (Morning and Evening)

People with special needs: Take 3-5 tablets, 3 times daily (Morning, Afternoon and Evening)

Alcohol consumption: Take 4-5 tablets about 45-60 minutes before drink, 4-6 tablets after drink and 3-4 tablets on the following day.


People with special needs can adjust the dosage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.

More Information

We carried out a series of in vivo experiments* in Sweden that associated usage of pollen extract with 3 substances, and the results are as followed:

  1. Taking pollen extract after administration of paracetamol greatly reduced the burden of liver to chemicals.
  2. Taking pollen extracts before and after alcohol beverages lessened the burden of liver, and regulate liver to its normal weight.
  3. Pollen extract neutralized the liver enzymes and bilirubin affected by ammonium fluride.


It is experimentally proven that pollen extract promotes detoxification of liver and thus provides protection to the liver.

SOD + GSH: essential elements for liver replenishment

Liver problems may not be apparent in early stages, and it would be too late to start dealing with it when issues surface. LIVER CLEAR provides sufficient amount of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and glutathione (GSH), which are quickly absorbed. They serve to stimulate metabolism of liver cells, activate and strengthen liver, and thus slow down aging of body functions. This ensures a healthy liver despite inevitable late nights, drinking or fatty foods consumption.