NP3838 contains a complex blend of more than 20 herbal extracts called “magical hair growth factor”, which can penetrate into the scalp completely so as to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, nourishes and improves the hair & scalp condition.

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    • Made in Sweden
    • Suitable for Men and Women
    • Herbal spray-on essence
    • Natural botanical formulation
    • Non-oily, non-sticky, no preservatives
    • Chemical-free ingredients


    • Promotes Hair Growth & Reduces Hair loss
    • Promotes healthy hair
    • Promotes strong & thick hair
    • Promotes moist & black hair
    • Promotes elasticity of hair
    • Repairs damaged hair

就這樣解決禿頭、掉髮、地中海、鬼剃頭!效果讓人看傻了眼 @@

NP3838激髮生使用教學 Part 1(男生版)

NP3838激髮生使用教學 Part 2(女生版)

Main Ingredients

Nu Pharm magical hair growth factor


Recommended Directions of Use

1) Clip the applicator on the bottle

2) Shake well before each use to mix the essence well

3) Apply 3-4 sprays onto the scalp; apply onto the entire scalp or hair evenly if necessary

4) Gently massage scalp with your fingertips

Apply 1-2 times daily (course of treatment: 3 months). To maximize the effect, strictly follow the instructions of use. Suitable for long-term use. Do not wash after application. For external use only.


People with special needs can adjust the usage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.

More Information

Q: When should I apply NP3838 to my hair?

A: You can apply NP3838 whether your hair is dry or wet.

Q: When can I see the difference after using NP3838?

A: Time to effect varies between individuals. Typically, you should start seeing significant results after 45 days.

Users’ outstanding results:

85% Respondents: New hair growth

95% Respondents: Reduces hair shedding

(50 testers with 60-day trial)