Bio Longue Vie®
Hericium Erinaceus

Meticulously selecting the fitness spores with the highest quality spores from Hericium Erinaceus. The mycelia grown will be genetically analysis, cultivated in vitro inside an uncontaminated environment. Organically cultivated in France, ruled out the chance of containing heavy metals or harmful substances.

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Bio Longue Vie®
Hericium Erinaceus


    Superior spores with top-notch genetic make-up were selected for vitro development • All products are cultivated in Loire Valley, France • Growth under ultra-purified “soilless potting” environment • Production is organically certified by Bureau Veritas Certification of France and European Union endorsement • From both France and Sweden’s Drug Administration and regulatory approvals and the GMP pharmaceutical production • Products are transported to Hong Kong via air-freight, not shipped. To avoid products damaged and contaminated • Hong Kong STC tested Mark


    Improves the digestive function of the stomach • Fights against serious health issues, alleviates the discomfort after chemo/radiotherapy and promotes recovery • Promotes brain and retinal nerve growth factor production • Improves cognition, memory and mind • Protects eyes, improves vision and relieves eye edema • Helps to remove waste from blood vessels, purify blood vessels, and improve blood circulation
    Boosts immunity and antioxidant capacity • Maintains elasticity, whitening and beauty on skin with regular consumption

Main Ingredient

Organic Hericium Erinaceus powder


Recommended Directions of Use

For general health and well-being: Take 1g daily

For strengthening the brain, energizing skin and improving vascular health: Take 1g, twice daily (Morning and Evening)

As an adjunct treatment:

Before chemo/radiotherapy or major surgery: Begin consumption 7 days prior to therapy. Take 2g, twice daily (Morning and Evening)

After chemo/radiotherapy or major surgery: Take 2g, twice daily (Morning and Evening)

Any time, serve with empty stomach, during meal or after meal.

Dissolve appropriate amount of Bio Longue Vie® Hericium Erinaceus powder into hot drink. Stir well and serve warm.

Not suitable for children under 3 years old and people who are allergic to mushroom products.

People with special needs can adjust the dosage. Recommend maintaining a balanced diet. Please contact our health consultants for more information.

More information

Hericium Erinaceus is a rare and precious edible and therapeutic mushroom from the family of the Lion’s Mane mushroom group. In Japan, they are also renowned as “Yamabushitake”, meaning the mushroom of the mountain monk. This rare species is distinguished by its resemblance to the Kasaya robes worn by Japanese ascetic monks.

To cultivate the finest species for Bio Longue Vie®, finest spores with the highest quality genes from Hericium Erinaceus are meticulously selected by Nu Pharm® specialists. The intricate process continues with the formation of mycelia, genetically analysed and carefully nurtured in vitro inside an uncontaminated environment.

All Hericium Erinaceus of Bio Longue Vie® are bred with an advanced organic cultivation technique known as “soilless potting”. The mycelia are then transported to the natural and unpolluted caves of Loire Valley in France and organically cultivated under the perfect environment of fresh air, moderate temperature and adequate humidity. All products are organically certified by Bureau Veritas Certification France SAS with the ‘‘AB’’ endorsement (AB-3330/63913).

Bio Longue Vie® Hericium Erinaceus - Strengthens the Brain and Vision

American scientist Rati Levi-Montalcini, who discovered the Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in 1959, became a laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physiology in 1986. NGF plays a vital role in maintaining cranial nerves and the regeneration of brain cells.

In 2002, Professor Hirokazu Kawagishi from the Shizuoka University of Japan and four American scientists published a research paper about the relationship between Hericium Erinaceus and NGF in Discover magazine. According to the paper, hericenones and erinacines - two highly biologically active compounds in Hericium Erinaceus - can enter the cerebrum through the blood-brain barrier to boost the production of NGF. Hericium Erinaceus is reported to help improve memory and have significant effect in strengthening the brain, resulting in noticeable improvement for people suffering from memory loss. Besides, vision could be improved.