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Nu Pharm’s Products Are Essential For Maintaining My Health!

Simon not only performs well in his acting career but also his taste of clothing and lifestyle has a broad recognition. For many years his selection in advertisers is extremely strict so why out of many health product brands only Nu Pharm can make Simon offer to advertise health products for the first time? Simon, laughing, said: “I very much respect Nu Pharm’s care for the environment and their persistent beliefs, so I started to try the Bilberry Extract, the result was really good, so I agreed to become Nu Pharm’s spokesperson, afterwards I tried other Nu Pharm products such as Liver Clear®, Longue Vie® Bio and DHA, etc., and my body condition has undergone a Rewind effect, so I sincerely recommend Nu Pharm to everyone.

Nu Pharm Is The Secret Behind My Beauty


International supermodel QiQi and husband Simon Yam are both spokespersons for Nu Pharm, we can say they are the superstar couple in the health product world. Liver Clear® is the product that made QiQi agree to become the spokesperson for Nu Pharm.

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Become Healthy, Beautiful And to Be Relieved.

Ms Cherie Chung

From April 2013 To April 2015
I’m so glad to become the spokesperson of “Liver Clear & Q10+SOD” for Nu Pharm. Nu Pharm is a famous brand of health products with excellent reputation, all products use natural organic raw materials.