About Nu Pharm

Happiness and Health

Nu Pharm uses Lily of the Valley (Muguet in French) as the logo. A traditional French flower, Convallaria majalis means "Return of Happiness". 1 May is also known as La Fete du Muguet - the Festival of Lily of the Valley. The tradition in France is to give loved ones the flowers to symbolize love that is beautiful and blessed. Nu Pharm uses the Muguet as the logo because we have a notion to provide products that could bring about happiness and health.

Cultural of French Aristocrat

Majestic towering castle, brew wine for centuries, are priceless paintings...... Frenchman proud of the cultural and artistic treasures. These treasures have been able to spread so far, all because of the French aristorcracy on the traditions handed down generation to bear enduring boner.

This is one kind of self-stick, stick creed BLUE BLOOD personality, so France has deep and superior cluture. Kashi Lan cultural heritage of the French aristocracy.

Sale More Than Two Hundred Million Copies Sold Products

Nu Pharm’s health products through France’s quality GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical production guarantees quality and safety.

From 40 years ago Nu Pharm has already begun to realize the importance of protecting the ecological environment, earlier than the French government. Organic wild cultivation (legislated by the French government in 1980) were from scientists and agricultural experts having carefully designed a wild organic farming system, which has become the model for organic agriculture in France.