The 1st Guarantee Organic Raw Materials in France

All products are organically certified by Bureau Veritas Certification France SAS with the “AB” endorsement.

The 2nd Guarantee Regulation GMP Pharmaceutical Production

The products are from the France and Sweden Drug Administration Approval and Regulation GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) pharmaceutical production.

The 3rd Guarantee Shipped by Air-Freight

Products are sent to Hong Kong by air-freight, not shipped. As day and night and climate changes in the northern and southern hemispheres cause temperature differences, air-freight can reduce the amount of time that the products are in extreme different temperatures for thereby preventing damage to their quality.

The 4th Guarantee "STC Tested" Mark

Upon arrival, the products go through the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre to make sure they meet Hong Kong food standards - they do not contain heavy metals, pesticides or bacteria and are given the "STC tested" mark before being sold.

Premium Healthcare Just For Your Health

Despite the higher costs, it can truly bring the greatest benefits for the body. Nu Pharm's believes in the concept of providing "Premium Healthcare", our full line of organic health products are all recognized by the French government, quality is certainly guaranteed!

We have a wide variety of other health products and supplements to help you meet your health goals!